3 Tips To Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Adding your profile to the Hair Recruitment website is going to dramatically improve your chances of getting that perfect position – thousands of salons across the country (and the whole World) search our website for qualified candidates all day, every day!

Follow the 3 steps below to make your Hair Recruitment profile stand out by ensuring that the basics of your profile are rock solid, and then going the extra mile to make it exemplary.

Step 1

Add a professional profile picture to catch the eye of recruiters. Your profile picture must be professional in order to give a good first impression. If you have used a profile picture that is inappropriate or silly, recruiters will probably remove you from their candidate list immediately. When choosing a profile picture, remember to choose one that –

– Does not include anyone else but you. This reduces confusion regarding who the profile is about and draws all the focus to you.

– Is just of your head and shoulders. Your profile picture is a small picture and will show your face better if you limit it’s scope to just your head and shoulders.

– It is the right orientation – you would be surprised how many people upload photos of themselves with the picture on its side or even upside down!

– Has a smile! A smile can make you seem more approachable to those who don’t know you.

Step 2

Provide an outstanding ABOUT ME summary to highlight your talents. This is your chance to shine! It should be brief, yet comprehensive enough to give the reader an overview of your career thus far. Also, it should be well-written (with NO spelling mistakes), and engaging enough to entice them to read through your profile further and to contact you. While writing your summary, remember to include the following –

– Tell your story in the first person. This means using the words I, my and mine to make your summary more conversational and easy to read.

– Explain your expertise and interests. Use examples to show your value to potential clients and future employers.

– Highlight your key accomplishments. If you have made some great achievements in your career, take the time to list these in your summary. For example, Top Beauty Therapist in Manchester Award Winner.

– Use concise and effective wording to create impact. Just as in a CV, you must keep your sentences concise and powerful by using effective wording to get your point across.

Step 3

Add an up to date, well written CV to your profile – and remember when checking it over, ensure all the following points are covered –

– Maximise readability

It is essential for your CV to be easy for the reader to scan quickly and effectively. You need to separate different sections and insert clear section headings. Avoid long paragraphs; use bullet pointing to break up text into more manageable ‘bite-size’ chunks. It should be eye-catching and uncluttered. Check vigilantly for spelling and grammatical errors.

– Include a Professional Profile and Objective

These sections should summarise and emphasise your key attributes and your intended future career path. Your words must flow seamlessly – avoiding cliché and superfluous hyperbole. They should each only be a few lines in length but they must spark the reader’s interest. If you can’t successfully pitch yourself in under ten lines then you risk losing the reader’s attention. Be brief – you can highlight examples in later sections. But be persuasive.

– Include achievements where possible

If you can include an achievements section then it can make an instant and dramatic difference to the power of your CV, enabling you to distinguish yourself from other candidates. This is no time for false modesty. Utilise the space allocated to highlight where you have excelled – and how you plan to attain similar results on future endeavours.

– Keep your CV concise and to-the-point
Your CV should be informative – but also concise. In general, two A4 pages is a maximum. Too many CVs are quite simply too long. Only include information which will actually help to sell you. Recruiters don’t want to waste time reading details irrelevant to your ability to fulfil the job role.

So there we have it, your next position could be one of the most important career moves you ever make, so take a little more time and hopefully you inbox will have more salons trying to contact you than you can shake a stick at.

Fingers crossed and good luck from the Hair Recruitment team!